Adsense Rules

Please note that it is very important that you play by the rules both for your own benefit and everyone else's. Remember that Google haven't become the biggest advertising business on the internet without being strict and banning people who break the rules.

Bear in your mind that the following matter are quickest way to get banned from Adsense so stay away and AVOID them all:

  • Do not encourage users to click your ads in any way

  • Do not put ads on pages with no content, pop-up, pop-under, error page, registration or similar pages.

  • Do not overlap ads with content that users cannot distinguish between

  • Do not use automated bots to increase clicks on your site

  • Do not encourage or participate in 'click groups' that click each others ads. Google have been known to set these groups up to get people banned.

  • Make sure you don't display more than the maximum number of ads on a page. Check with the Google Adsense rules. Here are the current limits; 3 Ad units, 1 Link unit, 2 Adsense for Search boxes and always check the most up to date rules to be sure you are not breaking them

  • Do not create more than one Adsense account. You CAN have more than one site for a single Adsense account

  • Do not edit or modify the Adsense code (this does not include changing properties)

  • Do not redirect users away from any advertisers page

  • Do not click your own ads (not even to test them)

  • Do not display pornographic, hatred or any other banned content

  • Do not buy banned sites, typically MFA from others